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Experience Modification Rate (EMR) - Current and last 3 years' EMR
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General Contractor
Include 3 general contractor references, including the company name, telephone number, and person having the most knowledge of your dealings with their organization over the last 5 years.

Trade Contractor
List 2 trade contractor references, including company name, phone, and person having the most knowledge of your dealings with their organization over the last 5 years.

Contact should have knowledge of your company's bonding capacity, performance, and financials history.

In order for us to complete our prequalification of your firm, please provide your most recent fiscal year-end financials including a balance sheet and income statement or profit and loss statement. If available, audited financials are preferred. Click here to see a sample balance sheet and income statement. Please send your financials to

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By submitting this form, the submitting Company (and related entities) hereby certifies and swears that the information contained herein and attached hereto, and all documents and other information provided as requested herein, is true, complete, and correct on and as of the date hereof. If such information is not true, complete, and correct, in addition to all other remedies available to it, New South Construction Company or any joint venture or other New South entity may terminate any contract, purchase order, purchase agreement, or other agreement with the undersigned and such termination shall be considered a for cause termination. Any misrepresentations provided shall be considered fraudulent inducement in and to any subsequently executed subcontract.

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